Lawrence Carani Decorating


Larry Carani has done extensive painting at our home. If you want a superficial low quality job done, Larry is not your man. Instead, Larry will work carefully with you to select colors. He will remove years of accumulated cracks, drips and damage. Once the surfaces are pristine, he’ll do the painting. Larry is “This Old House”, not “Flip This House”.

Dale Fast

Chicago, Illinois

Larry has been a painter, sub contractor for my company for a very long time now and we are happy to continue our business relationship. We met on a job together some 18 years ago! We’ve enjoyed working together no matter how small or large the project.  We also enjoy an occasional gyro at lunch. We are a quality oriented, highly professional roofing and exterior siding, gutter, and window installation company. We pride ourselves in being true craftsmen and perform our work with great care and professionalism. Thanks Lawrence Carani Decorating for your professionalism and excellent craftsmanship!

Andy Nyberg

Nyberg Exteriors

Larry Carani is a craftsman. The care he took with wall preparation was amazing. He works quickly, but thoroughly. And he cleans up as if it were his own house. We’ve used Larry a couple of times where we had significant wall damage, and even years later the wall looks like new.

Tom McGrath, grateful customer

Chicago, IL